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Friday, 09 September 2016 00:00

New products added since our PDF version (2016)


Our 2016 new products (which were included in our PDF catalog version) have been merged entirely into our online catalog database and are full searchable.


The list below are the newest additions to our catalog which have not be included in our 2016 PDF version, however they will be included with our 2017 catalog.Throughout the year, these will be migrated into our online searchable database.

Cat. Number Product Description
ARC 4021 Serine, DL-[1-14C]
ARC 4022 2,5-Dichlorobenzamide [carboxyl-14C]
ARC 4023 Quizalofop-p-ethyl [ring-14C(U)]
ARC 4024 Clobetasol 21-propionate [1-14C]
ARC 4025 b-Hydroxy-b-methylbutyratic acid [1-14C]
ARC 4026 Ginkgotoxin [14C]
ARC 4027 Diethyl maleate [2,3-14C]
ARC 4028 Quizalofop-p-tefuryl [ring-14C(U)]
ARC 4029 4-Trifluoromethoxybromobenzene [ring-14C(U)]
ARC 4030 N-Acetyl-proline-proline-tyrosine-leucine [1-14C]
ARC 4031 Acetic acid [1,2-14C]
ARC 4032 2,4-Dibromoanisole [ring-14C(U)]
ARC 4033 p-Phenetidine [ring-14C(U)]
ARC 4034 2,2',6,6'-Tetrabromobisphenol A [ring-14C(U)]
ARC 4035 Benzonitrile [cyano-14C]
ARC 4036 3-(Trifluoromethyl)benzonitrile [cyano-14C]
ARC 4037 Sumatriptan [methyl-14C]
ARC 4038 Acetyl-p-nitrophenol [acetyl-1-14C]
ARC 4039 N-Acetyl-proline-proline-tyrosine-leucine-leucine [1-14C]
ARC 4040 Trilinolein, 2-[linoleic acid-1-14C]
ARC 4041 2,4-Dibromophenol [ring-14C(U)]
ARC 4042 2,4,6-Tribromophenol [ring-14C(U)]
ARC 4043 1,4-Dibromobenzene [ring-14C(U)]
ARC 4044 Perfluorooctane sulfonic acid [14C]
ARC 4045 1H-Pyrazole [3,4-d] pyrimidine-4-ylamine [6-14C]
ARC 4046 Chlormequat [methylene-1,2-14C] chloride
ARC 4047 Allopurinol [2-14C]
ARC 4048 Chlormequat [methyl-14C] chloride
ARC 4049 1,9-Decanediol [1-14C]
ARC 4050 b-Hydroxy-b-methylbutyric acid [1-14C] methyl ester
ART 2356 CTAP [phe-3H]
ART 2357 YM155 [3H(G)]
ART 2358 11,12-Epoxyeicosatrienoic acid [5,6,8,9,11,12,14,15-3H] methyl ester
ART 2359 Insulin [3H] (human)
ART 2360 1-Decene [1-3H]
ART 2361 1-Nonene [1-3H]
ART 2362 Tomatidine [3H(G)] hydrochloride
ART 2363 Lenalidomide [3H(G)]
ART 2364 N-a-Lauroyl [11,12-3H] L-glutamine
ART 2365 a-Ketoisocaproic acid [3,4,5,6-3H]
ART 2366 a-Ketoisovaleric acid [3,4,5-3H] sodium salt
ART 2367 a-Keto-b-methylvaleric acid [3,4-3H] sodium salt
ART 2368 Duvelisib [3H(G)]
ART 2369 Valsartan [3H(G)]
ART 2370 Isocitric acid [3H(G)]
ART 2371 Pleconaril [3H(G)]
ART 2372 Semagacestat [3H(G)]
ART 2373 Kinetin [3H(G)]
ART 2374 N-Acetyl-D-mannosamine [3H(G)]
ART 2375 Triethylsilane [3H]
ART 2376 Pitavastatin [ring-3H] Calcium
ART 2377 Tripalmitin, 2-[palmitoyl-9,10-3H]
ART 2378 Dynorphin (1-9) [tyr-3,5-3H]
ART 2379 Glyceryl [2-3H] diricinoleate
ART 2380 Glyceryl [2-3H] triricinoleate
ART 2381 Monostearin [glycerol-2-3H]
ART 2382 Monostearin [stearoyl-9,10-3H]
ART 2383 Succinyl [2,3-3H] CoA
ART 2384 Vincamine [3H(G)]
ART 2385 Vinpocetine [3H(G)]
ART 2386 Distearin [glycerol-2-3H]
ART 2387 Distearin [stearoyl-9,10-3H]
ART 2388 Tristearin [glycerol-2-3H]
ARCD 1139 (±)-11,12-Epoxyeicosatetraenoic Acid
ARCD 1140 11,12-Epoxyeicosatrienoic acid
ARCD 1141 DAA-1106
ARCD 1142 N-a-Lauroyl-L-glutamine
ARCD 1143 Lenalidomide
ARCD 1144 Clobetasol 21-propionate
ARCD 1145 Duvelisib
ARCD 1146 Valsartan
ARCD 1147 Pleconaril
ARCD 1148 Semagacestat
ARCD 1150 1,9-Decanediol
ARCD 1151 Vincamine
ARCD 1152 Vinpocetine
ARP 0190 GTP [gamma-33P]

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